Join us this Wednesday May 18th for our guest speaker Rob Leachman!  Rob Leachman is a retired school district superintendent and university instructor and author of One Ride at a Time: Life Lessons Learned on a Cross-Country Bicycle Ride. An educator, author, and occasional adventurer, Rob and his wife Bev completed numerous “adventure travel” trips, including a bicycle trip across Missouri on the “Katy Trail” and a rim-to-rim hike across the Grand Canyon, before riding their bicycles across the United States. Rob earned a doctoral degree from the University of Missouri and lives and works outside of Kansas City, Missouri. He currently writes about areas of lifelong interest to him, including the history of track and field, leadership and goal setting, and an area he calls “ageless adventure and fitness.” He and Bev can often be seen hiking and biking on area roads and trails. Learn more at
Be our guest! We meet at the Waldo Pizza Taproom (7433 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64114) on Wednesday nights. Social time starts at 5:15pm, meeting business starts at 5:35pm and we adjourn at 6:30pm.